Verified policy id still displaying as "unverified" or "unknown project"
If an asset or group of assets policy id(s) were verified after the asset(s) were listed for sale on the marketplace, the "Verified" badge will no...
Sun, 9 Jan, 2022 at 1:13 PM
I want to verify the policy ID(s) associated with my cNFT project.
Visit https://tokhun.io/account/projects and follow the prompts that are relevant to your project. If you are adding a policy or group of policies to a ...
Tue, 21 Dec, 2021 at 12:12 AM
I'm trying to publish a sale but it appears to be stuck.
If you encounter this scenario, please contact us and supply us with a "Sale ID". This can be found at "My Sales".
Tue, 21 Dec, 2021 at 12:13 AM